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Windows: Click here for Windows download.

Mac: Click here for Mac download.

Linux: Click here for Linux download.

Existing Users

If you already have a license key then you don't need a new key when you download, your existing key will be fine.

When you upgrade from an earlier version of Transcribe! then it would be usual to uninstall the earlier version first (uninstall instructions are in the Help) but you don't have to.

New Users

You may download Transcribe! and use it for 30 days evaluation period for free. If you want to continue using it after that you must buy it. Visit this page for more information about the free trial.

System Requirements

People sometimes ask what hardware is required to run Transcribe! (how much memory, disk space etc). The answer is that Transcribe! should run on any computer which can play sound and which is running a version of Windows/MacOS/Linux which Transcribe! is available for. Naturally Transcribe! runs faster on a more powerful computer, but you would need to try it to see what the performance is like on any particular computer. Transcribe! does benefit from having dual (or more) processors available, especially if you want to use Transcribe!'s Video Viewer.

You do need a colour display screen with a resolution of at least 800 * 600 pixels. This will not be a problem on any conventional modern desktop or laptop computer. Netbooks are generally ok too, but it would be worth checking if you are thinking of buying a very small one. Visit this page for more information about netbooks.

Version Information

For version history and release notes see the History page

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