Metronome cannot be displayed (your browser is ignoring the applet tag).

This means that the Java plugin for your browser is either not installed or not enabled. See below for more information.

How to Use the Metronome

To start and stop the metronome:

  • Click on the metronome itself.
  • Press the 'S' (Start/Stop) key.
  • Press the Spacebar.

To set a tempo:

  • Click on one of the preset tempo numbers.
  • Click on the slider control alongside the preset numbers.
  • Type a number into the spin control, then press the Enter key.
  • Click the arrows on the spin control.
  • Use the Page Up and Page Down keys.
  • Use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys.
  • Tap the tempo by clicking on the shoe.
  • Tap the tempo by pressing the 'T' (Tap) key.

I find that sometimes mouse-clicks are not delivered to the metronome fast enough for accuracy when clicking on the shoe. You may get a more accurate response by using the keyboard shortcuts as described above.

The sound you hear was recorded from the metronome you see in the picture.

From Largo to Prestissimo

The meanings of these terms are not absolutely precise but here is a rough guide.
  Largo or Lento 40 - 60
  Larghetto 60 - 66
  Adagio 66 - 76
  Adagietto 72 - 80
  Andante 76 - 108
  Moderato 108 - 120
  Allegro Moderato or Allegretto 112 - 124
  Allegro or Vivace 120 - 168
  Presto 168 - 200
  Prestissimo 200 and above.


The metronome is a Java applet so if it isn't working properly, or isn't displayed at all, then this is most likely to be a problem with running Java in your browser.

First, try simply refreshing this page. If that doesn't work then try closing all browser windows, then relaunch your browser and visit this page again.

If that doesn't fix it then click here for more information and instructions.

Downloading and Running Locally

We do allow you to download the Seventh String Metronome in order to run it locally on your computer without being connected to the internet. You may also freely distribute the downloaded zip file - see "License Terms and Conditions" below.

Click here to download it as a zip file.

Unzipping the file will get you a folder containing metronome.html (the page which displays the applet - this page in fact), ssm150514135512.jar (the applet itself) and a metronome icon. Double-click metronome.html to open it in your browser and run the metronome. You can bookmark this page in your browser for quick access subsequently - it doesn't make any difference that the page is stored locally on your hard disk rather than on the internet.

If you encounter any problem then click here for more information and more detailed instructions.

License Terms and Conditions

The Seventh String Metronome is Copyright © 2007-2011 Seventh String Limited. All rights reserved. We provide it on the Seventh String website for free use by anyone, subject to the following conditions:

  • You may use it as provided on our website and you may download it for local use as described above, but you may not host either the Java applet or the html page which contains it on any other server. You are welcome to link to it from your site : you must link to
  • You may not display the Seventh String Metronome within a containing page, for instance by using an html frame or iframe or any other framing technique. If you do link to it then you must do so in such a way that it displays in its own browser window or tab, with the usual scrollbars so the user can access the whole page.
  • You may freely distribute the downloaded zip file, as long as you distribute it exactly as downloaded, without modification.
  • You may not modify, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or create derivative works of the Seventh String Metronome or any part of it.
  • While we make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Seventh String Metronome is bug-free and performs as it should, we cannot guarantee that it will always perform as expected or accept any liability for any aspect of its use.
  • We do not promise to provide support but in fact you will probably get a helpful reply if you email Please read the "Problems?" section above, first.
  • This License will be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom. If for any reason any part of this agreement is unenforceable, the remainder shall continue in full force and effect.

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