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Transcribe! : Reissuing Lost Licenses/Registrations

This page does say how to get your lost key reissued. Please read it carefully.

If you have lost your license key then we can usually reissue it although we don't promise to.

Please note that I don't promise to reissue lost keys at all.
If I do reissue your key then look after it this time, back it up in a safe place not on your computer. Because every hard disk dies one day (or is lost or stolen or encrypted by ransomware). And because I might not resissue it if you lose it again.

Please note that this page has nothing to do with downloading the software.
This page is just about reissuing lost license keys. To download the software, visit the Download page.

Please note that I process requests for reissuing lost licenses in batches, about once a week.
This is partly to encourage you to look for your original license email before bothering me. Reissuing lost licenses takes up a significant amount of my time. Some can be handled automatically but the majority cannot as people change their email addresses so often.

Please note that if you already have a license key then you don't need another.
License keys issued for any version 7 or 8 release will work for all version 7 or 8 releases (as long as it's the same platform - Windows / Mac / Linux).

Click here if you want to proceed with requesting a reissued key.