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Here are some graphics which you are welcome to use if you want to mention Transcribe! somewhere - please do! Please download the image (right-click it and save to disk) and copy to your site, rather than linking to these copies (in case I ever move them).

Transcribe! banner, transparent, 1520 x 221
Hi-res Transcribe! banner, transparent, 1520 x 221. (Chalkboard 96, Helvetica 40)

Transcribe! banner, white, 1520 x 221
Hi-res Transcribe! banner, white, 1520 x 221.

Seventh String banner 620x60
Seventh String banner, 620 x 60.

Transcribe! full banner 468x60
Transcribe! banner, 468 x 60. (Note to me: the text was done with TextEdit & Grab on my iMac. Fonts are Chalkboard 24 and Helvetica 13)

Transcribe! half banner 246x60
Half size banner, 246 x 60. (Chalkboard 22 and Helvetica 11)

Transcribe! very small banner 182x36
Very small banner, 182 x 36. (Chalkboard 22)

Transcribe! Icon 504 x 736 - transparent Transcribe! Icon 504 x 736 - white
Hi-res Icons, 504 x 736, transparent and white. (Chalkboard 96, Helvetica 40)


Transcribe! App icon 128 Transcribe! App icon 48 Transcribe! App icon 32 Transcribe! App icon 16
Icon 128 × 128 Icon 48 × 48 Icon 32 × 32 Icon 16 × 16

Audio Utilities

There are any number of audio utility programs around for recording, editing, processing, format conversion etc.

Google - often the best place to start looking. Don't forget their "groups" page.

Audacity - free sound editor for Windows, Mac, Linux and more.

Switch - a free format converter for Windows and Mac. - mp3 encoders, decoders, and all kinds of technical mp3 stuff.

Music Notation

Dorico - notation software (expensive).

Sibelius - notation software (expensive).

Finale - notation software (expensive).

MuseScore - notation software (free).

TablEdit - Tablature Editor.

Google for "music notation" (with the quotes) and you will find many more.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music Direct - all kinds of sheet music.

Music Notes - all kinds of sheet music.

Alle Noten (in German) - all kinds of sheet music.

Hal Leonard - one of the biggest music publishers.

MusicRoom - all kinds of sheet music.

SheetMusicPlus - all kinds of sheet music.

Google for "sheet music" (with the quotes) and you will find many more.

Music Education - You will find lots of useful guitar lessons and information here.

Jennifer Batten - Lots of learning materials here by Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck, and Transcribe! user of course).

StringKick - online guitar lessons.

emuso - an interesting new application for learning about and creating music.

Killer Rig - guitar educational material with an emphasis on equipment.

Guitar Chalk - here is an index to a large number of guitar lesson resources. - Learn jazz piano online, lots of excellent teaching material here.

HubGuitar - Lots of free guitar lessons here.

Start Playing Guitar - advice for beginning guitarists. - your source for free jazz lessons online.

Authority Guitar - useful guitar resources, about equipment and also education.

Music Transcription Services

Black Note Transcriptions - music transcription service.

Transcribe a Song - music transcription service.

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