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Transcribe! History - version 8.72 Release Notes, released 18 July 2018

This release has some significant enhancements, and some bug fixes.

The Windows version requires Windows 10.
The Mac version requires macOS 10.10 or later.
For the Linux version, see the Download page on the website for details.

As usual, it is free to existing users.


- By popular request, we now support Undo/Redo of all operations affecting Markers and Text Blocks (but not changes to selection/current point, Fx settings, or stored loops).

- You can now adjust Tuning by dragging the spectrum left or right with the mouse right button, or control-mouse on Mac (on the View menu, turn on View Spectrum). This is a fun alternative to using the controls on the Fx Tuning page. It's best done by first selecting (on the waveform) a note or chord so you see its spectrum, then drag the spectrum left or right until the selected note or chord is playing at the pitch you want (which you can see, by its alignment with the piano keyboard displayed). The spectrum will not move as far as the mouse does, this is to allow fine adjustment. You can also adjust Transposition this way, if you hold down the shift key. Adjusting transposition does not change the pitch of playback - if you want to know what it does do, go to the Transposition page of the Fx dialog and press the Help button.

- The current volume of the piano keyboard is now remembered between sessions, as it always should have been but wasn't.

- New command LoopUpdateRecent: update the most recently selected or created loop, from the current selection. Very useful for adjusting an existing loop: you select the loop, make adjustments with the mouse, then use this command to update that loop. You will need to program a keyboard command if you want to use it.

- New commands (for use in automation only)
SelectionMoveSeconds(double) Move the current point or selection in seconds.
SetSelectionSizeSeconds(double) Set the size of the selection in seconds.
TranspositionOctaveSet(int), TranspositionSemitoneSet(int), TranspositionCentSet(int) Set transposition.

- Mac version is tested on beta version of Mojave (OS 10.14), due to appear later this year.

- Mac: control-click the title bar of a transcription window now brings up a box showing the folder where the transcription file is (if it has been saved). This is standard behaviour for Mac apps.

- Various other minor improvements and bugfixes.


ALSO, we have updated the GStreamer versions which we distribute for Windows and Mac, click here for information about GStreamer.
This is quite separate from the Transcribe! update: you can update Transcribe! without updating GStreamer, or update GStreamer without updating Transcribe!. This only affects Windows and Mac (not Linux) and you only need bother with it if you are using (i.e. you have installed) GStreamer and if you affected by one of the following two issues:
- Video files where the audio loads but the video doesn't.
- On some Windows machines (depending on your graphics card) video works ok but displays in a separate window instead of within Transcribe!'s Video Viewer where it should be.
The GStreamer versions now present on our GStreamer page are based on GStreamer 1.14.2 instead of the older 1.8.2 and should fix these issues.
If you do decide to update GStreamer then you MUST delete the old version before installing the new - details are on the page already mentioned.
You can always tell what GStreamer version you have by looking at Transcribe!'s "System Info" command (on the Application menu or the Help menu) where you will find a message.