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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Transcribe!

Here are the most frequently asked questions of all.
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"I've lost my license key, what do I do?"

"How do I install Transcribe! ?"

"How do I update Transcribe! ?"

"I've replaced my computer, how do I install Transcribe! on the new one?"
"My computer crashed, how do I re-install Transcribe! ?"

"My License Key doesn't work"

"Does Transcribe! work on some particular OS version (e.g. the latest macOS or Windows version)?"

"How can I save a modified sound file from Transcribe! ?"

"What if I want to install Transcribe! on more than one computer?"

"Is there (or will there be) a version of Transcribe! for iOS or Android?"

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2: Buying Transcribe!, License Keys, Upgrades, Reissuing lost license keys

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4: Miscellaneous

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