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Transcribe! History - version 8.73 Release Notes, released 25 March 2019

Happy Birthday Transcribe! Now 20 years old, and still going strong. The first copy was sold in February 1999.

This release has some significant enhancements, and some bug fixes.

The Windows version requires Windows 10.
The Mac version requires macOS 10.10 or later.
For the Linux version, see the Download page on the website for details.

As usual, it is free to existing users.


- By popular request, you can now add metronome clicks to markers. If this is turned on then every time playback passes a marker you get a tasteful click sound, recorded in fact from a genuine old wooden metronome. The click volume is set on the Misc page of the Fx window, and click the Help button on that page for more details.

- There is now a Preference for marker placement latency, on the Markers page. On some machines, depending on your hardware, there can be latency in sound playback which is out of Transcribe's control, and it means that when you tap the keyboard shortcuts to insert markers while the music is playing, they end up late. Increasing the latency in Preferences will cause newly placed markers to appear earlier. This is particularly important if you are using metronome clicks. Note that if you have a transcription where the markers are consistently late then it's easy to move them all slightly to one side, see the Help for the Markers menu for how to move multiple markers.

- The "Export Text Blocks" command can now include markers in the exported file if you tell it to.

- Scrubbing. You can now "scrub" backwards and forwards over the track, using the mouse wheel, or keyboard shortcuts, or a midi continuous controller. For details see Help - Menus & Toolbar - Mouse Commands.

- The "Record new sound file" command can now pause and continue while recording.

- The commands "Delete Selected Markers", "Equally Space Selected Markers", and "Delete selected text blocks" now display in the menu text how many items will be affected, e.g. "Delete 4 Selected Markers"

- Windows: In Preferences - General, there is now an option for "Large Cursors", useful on some very hi-res screens where the mouse cursor may otherwise be very small. You will have to relaunch Transcribe after changing it.

- Fixed a long standing bug where timestamps saved in transcription (xsc) files would very occasionally be incorrect. This went unnoticed for a long time because Transcribe actually uses the sample numbers and ignores the textual timestamps when it loads xsc files.

- In the Fx window and the Sound File Info window the standard control-W shortcut (command-W on Mac) now works for closing the window.

- Linux Lubuntu: on Lubuntu 18.04.1 (and probably other recent Lubuntu versions) Transcribe! used to launch with a faulty layout. This should now be fixed.

- Various other minor improvements and bugfixes.