Seventh String Software

Transcribe! History - version 8.80 Release Notes, released 11 Nov 2020

In terms of features this is a minor update, however on the Mac it is the first version to specifically target macOS 11 (Big Sur) on both Intel and Apple Silicon processors.

The Windows version requires Windows 10.
The Mac version requires macOS 11. We will keep version 8.75.2 available for people running macOS 10.15 or earlier.
For the Linux version, see the Download page on the website for details.

As usual, it is free to existing users.


- Video: when you drag the slider in the Play Controls toolbar of the Video Viewer it sets the current point. But now, if you drag with the control key pressed (command key on Mac) then it will play from the selected point without changing the current point or selection. This is analogous to control-click (command-click on Mac) on the waveform of the main window, which also plays from that point without changing the selection.

- Pedals: we are now compatible with the IN-USB-2 version 15 foot pedal. See here for more information.

- mp3 files with data errors: we should now be able to read these in their entirety, instead of stopping at the point where the error is.

- Added more speeds to the pop-up menu you get when you right-click (control-click on Mac) the speed buttons in the upper toolbar.

- New commands SpeedPlus5/SpeedMinus5: Increase/Decrease speed by 5%. You would need to program a keyboard shortcut to use them.

- Fixed an obscure bug reading marker positions from version 6 xsc files. Very few people have any xsc files that are so old.

- Mac: drag-n-drop from the Music app should now work better. It used to be necessary sometimes to "Show in Finder" and then drag the track from Finder. However you can still only drag-n-drop tracks which are actually present on your hard disk.

- Mac: fixed a problem loading files from pCloud file storage, where the filename has non-ascii characters.

- Various other minor improvements and bugfixes.