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Transcribe! History - version 9.10 Release Notes, released 5 June 2021

The Windows version requires 64-bit Windows 10. Also if you want to use GStreamer with Transcribe! (for viewing video, and other things) then you will need to install (if you haven't already) the 64-bit version of GStreamer which we provide at And don't forget to delete the old GStreamer version before installing the new one, as explained on that page. We will keep version 8.80.1 available for those few people still running 32-bit Windows 10.

The Mac version requires macOS 11 (Big Sur) on Intel or Apple Silicon. We will keep version 8.75.2 available for people running macOS 10.15 or earlier.

The Linux version is now 64-bit only. We will keep version 8.80 available for people running 32-bit Linux.

It is free to existing users : it will recognise your license key and you shouldn't need to enter it again.

Please let me know of any problems you find.


- Mac: we now have a native build for Apple Silicon (M1 processor) machines, which means you have to choose the right version. In fact the Intel version will also run on Apple Silicon machines but obviously you get better performance with the Apple Silicon version. ALSO we now include GStreamer as part of the Transcribe! Mac download. This has the advantage of convenience and of avoiding confusion about which GStreamer version to use with which Transcribe! version. The only drawback is that the download is bigger, around 45 MB.

- By popular request, you can now have whatever speed buttons you want (in the range from 5% to 200%), in the upper toolbar. See Preferences - Toolbar for how.

- CPU usage while playing is now somewhat less, but you can make it lower still by selecting "Reduced CPU" in Preferences - General. This doesn't affect the audio or video, it merely reduces the frame rate of screen redrawing, meaning that scrolling of the waveform or movement of the play position indicator will be less smooth. This is helpful if you are using your laptop on battery power, or want to stop the fan running.

- We introduced a change in 9.00 which was that maximized transcription windows (e.g. double-click the title bar) would be restored to normal (non maximized) size when you switch transcriptions. This proved to be unpopular so we have now returned to the old way which is that they stay maximized.

- Metronome clicks: fixed a bug which was, in the last version clicks only worked properly when play speed was 100% !

- We can now read "mogg" Ogg Vorbis files (multi track Ogg Vorbis audio).

- New command on the View menu to "Show All Sound Tracks" (for media files with multiple sound tracks).

- Changing the soundtrack in the Sound File Info window now changes the actual soundtrack in the View.

- Two-finger pinch & zoom on trackpads, for zooming the waveform, previously worked on some combinations of OS and trackpad but not all. It now works on rather more devices, let me know if it doesn't work on yours (if your trackpad does work for pinch & zoom in other applications).

- New commands MarkerNewSectionCurrent, MarkerNewMeasureCurrent, MarkerNewBeatCurrent which place the new marker at the current point (red triangle) always.
- New commands for 10-second selection adjustments (previously 5 was the biggest).
    You will need to program keyboard shortcuts to use these.

- The "Export Text Blocks" command has been renamed as "Export Markers and Text Blocks" and moved from the Text menu to the File menu.

- Various other minor changes.