Seventh String Software

Transcribe! History - version 9.30 Release Notes, released 6 July 2023

The Windows version requires 64-bit Windows 10 or 11. We will keep version 8.80.1 available for those few people still running 32-bit Windows 10.

The Mac version requires macOS 13 (Ventura) on Intel or Apple Silicon. We will keep earlier Transcribe! versions available for people running earlier versions of macOS.

The Linux version is 64-bit only. We will keep version 8.80 available for people running 32-bit Linux.

It is free to existing users : it will recognise your license key and you shouldn't need to enter it again.

Please let me know of any problems you find.


- Added support for separate Stem files (i.e. stem files in multiple separate files, as opposed to multiple sound tracks in a single file which we have supported for some time). Accessed via the Stem Files command on the File menu. If you don't know what this means then you probably don't need it, but bring up the Manage Stem Files dialog and press the Help button if you want to find out.

- In the Keyboard Shortcuts and MIDI Shortcuts dialogs you can now sort the list by command category or command name as well as by keystroke or midi command as before.

- We now have a "Recent Folders" submenu on the File menu, making it easy to load files from folders which you have used recently for sound or transcription files.

- The Volume slider in the lower toolbar now has a text panel readout showing 0 - 100.

- If the current EQ corresponds to a preset then we now show a message in the EQ page of the Fx window to say so.

- When editing the text of a text block you can now use shift-enter in the text box to end the dialog as if you had pressed OK.

- Mac: some minor fixes to keyboard shortcuts, e.g. the "Clear" key can now be used (the key to the left of the "=" key on the number keypad). And also fixed a weird bug using the asterisk key as a shortcut with a German keyboard. And restored the standard Command-comma shortcut for Preferences.

- The percent speed slider in the lower toolbar now displays decimal places in the text! (why didn't it always?). (This is if you have typed a number with decimal places in the Speed page of the Fx window)

- The "Sound File Info" window is now called the "Transcription Info" window, and we have removed the "Open from this folder" buttons because they are no longer needed - use "Recent Folders" instead.

- The commands EQPreset01 - EQPreset09 are now called EQPreset1 - EQPreset9 for consistency with other numbered commands. If you have programmed a keyboard shortcut for any of these you will need to use the Keyboard Shortcuts command to set it to the new name, sorry.

- Various other minor changes and bug fixes.