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Transcribe! History - version 9.40 Release Notes, released 3 Jan 2024

The Windows version requires 64-bit Windows 10 or 11. We will keep version 8.80.1 available for those few people still running 32-bit Windows 10.

The Mac version requires macOS 13 (Ventura) or 14 (Sonoma) on Intel or Apple Silicon. We will keep earlier Transcribe! versions available for people running earlier versions of macOS.

The Linux version is 64-bit only. We will keep version 8.80 available for people running 32-bit Linux.

It is free to existing users : it will recognise your license key and you shouldn't need to enter it again.

Please let me know of any problems you find.


- The most visible change is that we have reorganised the main menus. The commands which should always have been on the Application menu... are now on the Application menu! This means that the Windows & Linux versions now have an Application menu which they didn't have before. The commands affected are Preferences, Shortcuts and Pedals, Check for Updates, System Info, License Info, and Exit/Quit. Some of these commands used to be on the File menu or the Help menu - well they aren't any more.

- Added a new command SelectionFromCurrentRight like the 'D' shortcut (SelectionFromCurrent), but which will select from the playing point to the right-hand end of the current selection, instead of to the left. You will need to add a keyboard shortcut if you want to use it.

- Added commands SelectionToActiveTextBlock, SelectionToNextTextBlock, SelectionToPreviousTextBlock in the Selection category. These move your current point or selection as described. You will need to add keyboard shortcuts if you want to use them.

- The Misc page of the Fx window now has a field "Timeline Offset" where you can offset the time display in the Timeline. This only affects the timeline - all other times continue to be displayed starting from zero at the start of the track. It can be useful if the track is being used as part of a larger project and you want know which moment in the track that's open in Transcribe! corresponds to which moment in the larger project.

- Increased limit on marker label length from 30 characters to 60 but be aware that long marker names will overlap and you should use text blocks instead.

- Various other minor changes and bug fixes.