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Transcribe! : Transferring licenses to different OS

Starting in January 2023 we have relaxed the license terms for Transcribe! The new key that you can obtain from this page will be valid for all three OS's (Windows, Mac, Linux). A single license entitles you to run it on one computer only, or up to three computers as long as the program is for your exclusive use on all of them. If you have multiple licenses then that's how many computers you may install it on.

You should normally get a reply within 24 hours but some email providers - gmail and hotmail especially - have a tendency to throw away emails from unknown senders. So check your spam/junk folder, and then email me if you don't receive a prompt reply

Please note that this page has nothing to do with downloading the software.
This page is just about issuing transferred license keys. To download the software, visit the Download page.

Make sure to fill in all the fields on the form.

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Please enter your present license key here if you have it. Also any special comments, for instance if you have multiple registrations then please mention it. But if you have a question which needs an answer, then please send it to me in a separate email.

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