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Transcribe! : Transferring licenses to different OS

Strictly speaking, Transcribe! licenses are for one operating system (OS) only - Windows, Mac or Linux - and are not transferrable. See Buying Transcribe!, License Keys, Upgrades, Reissuing lost license keys

If you want to run Transcribe! on two different OS's then you must buy a separate license for each OS, as it says in the license agreement, and on the page referred to above.

However if someone wants to transfer from one OS to another and will not be using the old version any more, then I often offer to transfer them at no charge. If you are transferring from one OS to another and will not be using Transcribe! on the old one any more, then fill in the form below.

Please note that this page has nothing to do with downloading the software.
This page is just about issuing transferred license keys. To download the software, visit the Download page.

Make sure to fill in all the fields on the form.

Your name:

Your current email address (the key will be sent here):

What OS is your new computer?


When your new license is issued, you must agree that neither you nor anyone else will use your old license, and your old key will be invalidated.
 Check this box to indicate that you understand and agree to this.

Please enter your present license key here if you have it. Also any special comments, for instance if you have multiple registrations then please mention it. But if you have a question which needs an answer, then please send it to me in a separate email.

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