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Download Transcribe! for Linux

First, please check this page where there are some notes about specific Linux distros.

Note about "packages"
Some Linux distros offer "packages" for installing Transcribe! That's fine with me, though you can also very easily install Transcribe! directly from the download here. However these packages are not produced by Seventh String so don't ask me for help in using them.

Note about outputting audio
The commonest problem that people have with the Linux version is that sound won't output, and that Transcribe! may freeze, or pause for several seconds before starting to play sound. If this happens to you then please see the FAQ here.

Unpack the download with "tar -xzf xscsetup-9.40.0.tar.gz". It is a binary distribution so there may be other issues with library versions etc. There is more information in the readme you will find in the download.

When you unzip the download file you will find the transcribe executable and some supporting files. You can run Transcribe! directly from that folder if you want to, without running the install script. However if you run, which has kindly been provided to us by J.Jørgen von Bargen, then you get a proper installation in your "~/bin" folder, transcription files will be displayed with a Transcribe! icon in your file browser, and you can double-click them to open them in Transcribe! as you would expect.

If the application won't launch by double-clicking its icon then try launching it in a console instead, so you can see the error message.

Current Version (built on Xubuntu 20.04)

System requirements : a computer running 64-bit Linux (x86-64), with GStreamer-1.0, GTK-3.
(Not smartphones or tablets)

Click here to download Transcribe! version 9.40.0 for 64-bit Linux

SHA256 83bdee09376f0e3f47fbc06a4bbb29fdcbdedce0a832f91b18d6aa4aed9db47d

Tux the penguin

Older Version (built on Xubuntu 18.04)

We do keep an older Linux build, version 8.80, in case you are running 32-bit Linux or if your library versions are too old for the current version of Transcribe!

System requirements : a computer running Linux on x86, 32 or 64-bit, with GStreamer-1.0, GTK-3.
(Not smartphones or tablets)

Click here to download Transcribe! version 8.80 for 64-bit Linux

SHA256 1378a89d58d0821f8c7143e936d442b4d96b403d5721bce16f61e09315cc7c42

Click here to download Transcribe! version 8.80 for 32-bit Linux

SHA256 ed3119eb8ce3991ee67eab7aa87e82db72210c6f9ea5a02b9d11ba6856277d70